Are Apricot Seeds an Different Most cancers Remedy?

When you select different most cancers remedies, do you reside longer?

Along with standard therapies, “does the usage of different medication predict survival from most cancers?” Even when the choice therapies themselves had been ineffective, one would possibly predict customers would reside longer as a result of they have an inclination to have extra hope and a higher “will to reside,” and are almost 3 times as prone to consider their most cancers is curable even when it isn’t. However, researchers discovered that demise charges were really increased in different medication customers. After they adopted up with them years later, they discovered that 79 p.c of the choice medication customers had died, in comparison with 65 p.c of non-users. If the choice medication customers began out sicker, although, that would definitely clarify why. And, in truth, they did are usually sicker, however the distinction didn’t attain statistical significance. The underside line is that the affiliation between the usage of different medication and shortened survival will not be essentially trigger and impact, nevertheless it’s doable a few of the different modalities could have certainly been dangerous, as I focus on in my video Do Apricot Seeds Work as an Different Most cancers Remedy?.

Because of the web, there has been a resurgence of older complementary and different most cancers remedies, comparable to laetrile, which is a compound derived from amygdalin, a pure cyanide-containing substance concentrated in apricot kernels, the seeds contained in the pits. To skirt laws, it was branded as “vitamin” B17, nevertheless it’s not a vitamin in any respect. What’s extra, the “lack of laetrile’s effectiveness [against cancer] and the chance of unwanted side effects from cyanide poisoning led the Meals and Drug Company (FDA) within the US and the European Fee to ban its use” a long time in the past. Nonetheless, you may nonetheless purchase it on the web, simply as you may nonetheless purchase the apricot kernels themselves. Is there any hurt in simply giving them a strive? Sure, due to cyanide intoxication.

In a typical case report, a lady ate some apricot seeds. She had gotten them from a well being meals retailer, so that they needed to be wholesome, proper? Twenty minutes later, she had hassle respiration and slipped right into a coma. Some calculations had been made, and it seems an eight-ounce bag of apricot kernels is sufficient to kill six individuals if consumed in a single sitting. Subsequently, “the persevering with sale of apricot kernels as well being meals is troubling.”

In one other case, an individual had been consuming a quarter-teaspoon of floor apricot kernels day by day and had simply switched manufacturers the day earlier than she ended up within the ICU. Fortunately, she survived, however others are usually not so fortunate. As an illustration, a 17-year-old was useless inside a day from extreme cyanide poisoning, which can lead to coma, convulsions, and cardiovascular collapse. That’s why calling laetrile a vitamin is so insidious. In yet one more instance, a 32-year-old lady arrived on the emergency room in a coma. Was she on something? No, she had simply taken some “vitamin dietary supplements.” Fortunately, a relative confirmed as much as the ER with them: so-called vitamin B17. The affected person was given a cyanide antidote and survived. However, had that relative not introduced the B17 or not proven up in any respect, the case “may have proved deadly.”

So, “most cancers sufferers needs to be informed concerning the excessive danger of growing severe adversarial results as a result of cyanide poisoning after laetrile or amygdalin,” the pure compound in apricot seeds. Particularly in danger could also be these taking mega-doses of vitamin C or these not getting sufficient vitamin B12. The physique has two main methods to detoxify cyanide. It can connect it to vitamin B12 to type the complement type cyanocobalamin, which may be harmlessly eradicated once we pee, or it can use the amino acid cysteine, which can be used to metabolize vitamin C. So, for those who take an excessive amount of vitamin C, your ranges can drop and also you can find yourself extra susceptible to cyanide toxicity.

Typical most cancers remedies, comparable to chemotherapy, may be poisonous, too. It’s all about advantages versus dangers. Sure, amygdalin can block the expansion of sure most cancers cells in a petri dish, though it doesn’t seem to have any anti-cancer results towards tumors in laboratory animal. However you don’t know what occurs in individuals till you put it to the take a look at and do a medical trial of amygdalin within the remedy of human most cancers. For these outcomes, see my video Does Amygdalin or Vitamin B17 Work as an Different Most cancers Remedy?.